Reform UK’s Nick Buckley MBE slams Labours Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham for bringing in the congestion charge “through the back door”.

With Labour’s Greater Manchester Mayor keeping his head down after his disastrous handling on policing where 85,000 crimes were not logged and ignored, People are now flooding to Greater Manchester Mayor Candidate Nick Buckley, standing for Reform UK.

His no-nonsense approach to politics is refreshing and gaining traction by the day. People in Greater Manchester have been let down badly by the current Mayor, who sold the world to voters, only to get in and produce nothing in return.

1 job off my list if I become Mayor. Greater Manchester does not need a foreign career criminal worshipped on the walls… Posted by Nick Buckley 4 Mayor on Wednesday, 7 April 2021
Not only is Nick sincere with his approach, but he also smashes through the restrictive PC barriers without fear. This is a massive plus for voters.

In a recent video, Nick Buckley slams the Mayor of Greater Manchester for bringing in the “Congestion Charge through the back door”.

Mr Buckley said: “‘I don’t want a congestion charge in Greater Manchester. But one’s coming through the back door.”

“Our Labour Mayor wants to introduce a congestion charge. It will start off with commercial vehicles, but I know it will be expanded.”

“I know people will push, and eventually, in a few years time, it will be our cars.”

“You’ll have to pay to drive anywhere in Greater Manchester.”

“If I’m elected Mayor, it stops. I say no.”

Do you like Nicks no-nonsense approach because it certainly is catching on online?

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