Khan’s eye-watering mismanagement of Transport for London gets called out.

Parliament Hill

The Conservative mayoral candidate for London, Shaun Bailey, holds Khan solely responsible for the Major “Mismanagement” of TfL (Transport of London).

Shaun said this “mismanagement” had cost the capital an unnecessary fortune, with multiple Government bailouts costing billions of pounds over the pandemic period.

It was only last week another bailout was given to the transport service with hours remaining before they had to declare themselves bankrupt. Last weeks bailout cost the taxpayer £1.6Billion, and last November, they were also handed £1.8Billion.

People suggest Khans mismanagement that left the transport service in dire straights was a long time coming, after years of mismanagement by Khans Mayorship before the pandemic hitting London.

Bailey hit out at the WOKE Labour London mayor on Twitter, saying: “Sadiq Khan’s mismanagement of TFL has cost Londoners £9.56bn since 2016.

“As Mayor, I’ll fix TfL’s finances and protect services.

“I’ll give London a fresh start, with a bigger, greener transport network funded by a new London Infrastructure Bank.”

How do you think Khan has done as Mayor of London? 


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