UNBELIEVABLE – Labour council make it up as they go along, ousting people from temporary accommodation by referencing a none existent Act.


This is just embarrassing. A Tory MP discovered that a Labour-run council tried to reference “Protection from Eviction Act 1997” to oust those staying in temporary accommodation over the pandemic period.

The Labour-run Bassetlaw district council have used this Act to oust people, yet the Act in question doesn’t exist.

The Tories have said that this reference to such Act has been used as a tool to oust council tenants in the past.

After being found out, the council released a statement saying: “Bassetlaw District Council has only used the Notice to Quit when individuals it has housed in temporary homeless accommodation are refusing to move on, or where individuals are occupying a Council owned property in circumstances where they do not have a Council tenancy.

“This has the knock on effect of blocking the temporary units or the Council accommodation for those that need them.

“Unfortunately in October 2020 the Council issued two Notices to Quit which referred to the Protection of Eviction Act 1997 instead of the Protection of Eviction Act 1977.

“However the notices did contain all the prescribed information required by law within the 1977 Act and relevant regulations and the typo in itself would not have been prejudicial.

“But this was bought to our attention by the MP and we did re-issue the notices with the typo corrected.

“The Council was then able to regain possession of two temporary accommodation units for those who are homeless.

“No individual was evicted by the Council under incorrect legislation.”

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