Sturgeon accuses Boris of “Economic Sabotage” and “Economic Vandalism” on the Scottish Economy due to leaving the EU.


Boris has hit back after Sturgeon claimed leaving the EU and the Single Market has done “deep damage” to the Scottish Economy.

Yesterday Nicola Sturgeon accused Boris of “Economic Vandalism” after still feeling bitter about leaving the EU. Sturgeon states that Scotland is being hampered by Britains “hard Brexit” from the EU.

Sturgeon said: “Unless we choose a different path, we will be hampered by a hard Brexit that we didn’t vote for.

“Brexit is already causing deep damage, and it will continue to hit the Economy and jobs hard.

“To be removed from the European Single Market – which is seven times the size of the UK – in the middle of a pandemic was an act of economic vandalism.

“And no party which supports that economic sabotage has any right to claim they are putting the recovery first.

“A recovery made in Scotland will be one which puts Scotland’s Economy first.

“It will be a recovery not back to the way things were before – but to a clean, green, wellbeing economy that works for everyone.

“Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world – but for too many people, it doesn’t feel that way.”

Boris Johnson’s press secretary Allegra Stratton hit back at Sturgeons claims saying: “Looking ahead to the future, you’ve seen the Prime Minister on his trip to Scotland recently talking about freeports and talking about growth deals.

“The Union connectivity review is just that: it’s there to bring the union together and allow greater transport between Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

“This is something we’ve been addressing in detail in recent visits.”

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Why would anyone listen to that little kranky? She is done and dusted.


Hows about looking at the damage we Krankie and her merry band have done to Scotland, look at the education, the economy, hospital waiting lists, baby boxes ( that we dont need), higher taxes than the rest of the UK, why was money given from Westminster to help covid19 not distributed amongst people who need it, look at the drug culture it is the highest in Europe, and the icing on the cake 4% payrise for NHS staff is only a ploy to get more votes (although I thing the NHS deserve their rise)

SNP couldn’t run a drink up in a pub let alone run the country.

Guess who is paying for all this THE TAXPAYERS.