People are binning the TV License, BBC not happy.


A recent comment from the Chairman of the digital, culture, media and sport select committee, Julian Knight, has said there had been a rise in people not paying the license fee saying since the broadcasters Anti-Brexit propaganda.

The Chair of the DCMS committee has told the Express, “The BBC, unfortunately, is still very, very Oxbridge and very very Remain, almost Rejoin.

“And that is where I think it is missing out a lot of the time.

“It needs to connect better with people.”

Many people over the age of 75 have also binned their license fee after some were told to pay up.

Julian Knight Continued, “We’re seeing growing levels of evasion, and the demand for licences paid by over-75s has worsened things exponentially.

“So, therefore, what the BBC must do is start reflecting the views of British people, and I’m afraid, at the moment it’s not doing that as well as it should do.

“That’s recognised by Tim Davie, which is good, and there have been some encouraging signs, but there’s a long, long way to go.”

In response to these comments, a spokesperson from the BBC has said: “Earlier this month we announced ambitious plans to deliver for the whole of the UK, ensuring our workforce and programmes reflect the communities we serve, bringing us closer to audiences and creating jobs and investment.

“We have also set out how we will boost career opportunities for people from all backgrounds and increase socio-economic diversity in our Diversity and Inclusion Plan, which includes a commitment to appoint 1,000 apprentices at different career levels.”

What’re your thoughts about the BBC? Are they worth the license fee if their reporting is bias? Are they doing enough to mitigate the deep-rooted woke group think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “People are binning the TV License, BBC not happy.

  1. Left wing,anti brexit.Woke presenters do not communicate with the older audience.To many repeats we seem to see the same repeats week after week.Not fit for purpose

  2. the bbc should stand on its own 2 feet not a tv tax ,if it wants to promote BAME tv if it wants to promote its political leanings then do it without our cash ,they filter out news and show clips that fit their agenda ,i have not watched any bbc now for 2 years since their stand on brexit and am considering cancelling my license, it has as far as i can see become woke and unless you are female or black you dont get a fare showing

  3. BBC are anti Britain, they hate the British people especially working class. They hate our flag. They bring the UK down at every chance they get. They are anti brexit anti Boris Johnson, anti monarchy. Infact they hate everthing to do with thos country.
    They should not be called the British B C, because they have not respect for us. They are so woke, they could choke on it. I would say most of the sensible people of this great Country feel the same as I do. Shame, shame on you you deserve to be defunded the sooner the better 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  4. I just disagree with paying a licence to watch the BBC. Other TV companies gather their revenues from advertising. The BBC should do the same. Let us then see who wants to advertise during their programs. This will force them to be more in line with what people really think and not just what they want us to think.

  5. Their “diversity” policy is to make all blacks and Asians employed and given preference to them in ads and programming. It is totally unpalatable – even their Bame-only policy applied to newsreaders, game shows and reporters – we have been totally abandoned with Brexit being the main concern !! They o longer speak for me and are an insult to our history !!

  6. Too few programs that interest older people, too much money spent on self important self opinionated presenter like Gary Lineker, too many repeats. The only program I watch on the BBC is The Repair Shop and the licence fee is far too expensive for just one program.

  7. Give us the facts. Do not slant with the views of the presenter. We will make up our own minds what to think.

  8. I am afraid, the BBC (once the Jewel) of UK, has reached the very end of sell by date. being a pensioner due my free licence fee now, I feel robbed, as I no longer watch BBC..and have no interest of ever going back. they are left wing, absolute bias with terrible staff!


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