Laurence Fox’s party stands a candidate against SNP justice secretary, Humza Yousaf hoping to repeal Scotland’s Hate Crime Bill.


The passing of the Hate Crime Bill in Scotland hasn’t gone down well after it put restraints on freedom of speech.

The Bill that sailed through the Scottish Parliament due to SNP votes could see comedians and even people around the dinner table be arrested if what they said was deemed to be hateful.

2018 Scottish Comedian of the year, Leo Kearse, has had enough and has now put his hat into the ring to challenge the SNP Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf. Leo is running on one single issue and thats to overturn and repeal the “‘Orwellian” Scottish Hate Crime Bill.

In a statement to the press Leo said: “We don’t need to win – if we get a decent turnout we’ll have a mandate to repeal the Hate Crime Bill.

“We’re running on a single issue in Scotland – to repeal the SNP’s Hate Crime Bill.

“It’s an appalling piece of woke legislation that could criminalise comedians or dinner party conversations, and is wide open to malicious abuse.

“For the first time in British history, the legislation extends to private conversations in people’s homes.

“This raises the Orwellian spectre of children being interrogated by police and forced to testify against their parents because they told a joke or expressed an illegal opinion that just a few years ago was perfectly ordinary.


“This Bill adds to the creeping sense of dread normal good people feel, the anxiety that they’ll say the wrong word and accidentally offend someone or breach some rule.

“It’s emblematic of the creeping authoritarianism of the SNP and of British government.

“We loaned our freedoms to the government because of the pandemic; instead of giving our freedoms back, governments are enshrining our oppression in law.

“We need to Reclaim freedom.”

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