BY-ELECTION – Keir Starmer is to visit Leave-voting Hartlepool to promote former Labour MP and second ref advocate.


Today Keir Starmer has announced he will be travelling up to Hartlepool to promote a former MP who lost his seat in neighbouring Stockton South after he used his position as a Labour MP to push for a second referendum.

Hartlepool voted 69.9% leave in the EU referendum, yet the candidate who Labour is pushing wanted people to vote again in a second referendum because they gave the wrong answer. How can anyone vote for a man who previously wanted to destroy the democratic vote?

In a statement regarding the visit, Starmer has said: “Dr Paul has been on the frontline during this pandemic. He knows first-hand how the Conservatives are letting down the NHS. They neglected the NHS, and it went into this crisis without the support it needed.

“The Tory record here is dismal, and people need to look at what they have actually done over the past decade. When they came to power, there was an A&E in Hartlepool, a magistrates’ court in the town, and a full custody suite at the police station. That has all gone, and people feel that sense of loss.

“Dr Paul will be a tireless champion for the great town of Hartlepool. He understands the issues people care about and shares their concerns. He’ll be fighting for local hospital services, for jobs in the town, and police on the streets.”

Dr Paul Williams said: “It will be great to show Keir around Hartlepool, it’s a great town with a bright future. But we need more good well paid jobs here and to keep the ones we have.

“The nuclear power station here is a major employer, and there is strong backing locally for new nuclear. But the government has no proper plan for the future of our power network.

“The 1945 Labour government gave birth to the civil nuclear industry and the next Labour government would back the industry in the future too. The Labour Party is under new leadership nationally and locally, and people are looking at Labour again.”

If you live in Hartlepool, will you be voting for Dr Paul Williams?

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