Prof Curtice – Sturgeon’s dream of having a parliamentary majority made “more difficult”.


If Sturgeon was angry about Alex Salmond setting up the ALBA party, she’s going to be furious to hear what Polling expert John Curtice had to say about her chances of gaining a majority.

Professor Curtice predicts Sturgeon’s dream of gaining a majority in the Scottish Parliament has been hampered by the launch of the former First Ministers ALBA party.

Mr Curtice told the Times Radio: “Actually, rather than there being lots and lots of MSPs from different parties, might the position of the independence parties be stronger if one of those parties, i.e. the SNP has an overall majority on its own.

“The difficulty for the SNP is that yes, sure, for the most part, they are unlikely to win list seats in most regions.

“However, there are two regions where it did do so last time, and it could do so again – South of Scotland and the Highland region.”

He continued: “The point is that where the polls are at at the moment, there’s about a 50-50 chance of an overall SNP majority and for that to be realised, they probably do need to pick up two or three list seats in those two regions. 

“By standing therefore on the list, Mr Salmond is potentially making it more difficult for the SNP to get an overall majority.”

It does make you think, was this Salmond Sturgeon circus in Scotland over the last few weeks a deliberate attempt by Sturgeon to blacken Salmond’s name just before the launch of ALBA? Or was its just sheer coincidence.

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