German MEP calls for Ursula Von Der Leyen to resign as EU Commission Chief.

Parliament Hill

It looks like EU MEP’s are starting to rebel against the EU commission Chief after a German MEP made calls for Ursula Von Der Leyen to resign.

German MEP Nicolaus Fest reacted angrily after Merkel accused some German politicians of “perfectionism”. Merkel then leapt to the defence of the failing Eurocrats.

Nicolaus Fest told the Express: “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Ursula von der Leyen has no option left but to resign.

“Her handling of the vaccine scheme has been an omnishambles from the beginning, but this is what happens when we allow unelected bureaucrats to lead in a crisis.

“This was her moment to shine, to prove the doubters wrong, but instead, she has failed spectacularly.”

“It’s no surprise the German people are waking up to the incompetent policies of the EU, and the role played by failed politician Ursula von der Leyen during the coronavirus crisis.

“The mood is gradually changing in Germany, and I hope this will lead to the EU finally being held to account by voters across Europe.”

It looks like Von Der Leyen is quickly running out of excuses for her non-existent vaccine rollout, and with her support is plummeting, it’s hard to see whether she commands the support needed as Commission Chief.

What’re your thoughts on this?. Should Ursula VDL resign as commission chief?

4 thoughts on “German MEP calls for Ursula Von Der Leyen to resign as EU Commission Chief.

  1. I think she should disband then unelected EU commission and allow elected politicians to run their countries, at least then, you can get rid of them when they fail.

  2. EU is no longer needed! The sooner it is taken down the better so individual countries can start functioning again.

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