Defund The BBC – “We don’t need the BBC” and that “we should get rid of it”. Do you agree?


With the BBC repeatedly pushing anti-British propaganda, whether that’s sneering at the flag or trying to rid of Rule Britannia at the Proms, many are now saying why should we, the taxpayer, be paying for this?

In an interview with Defund The BBC, Political Commentator Calvin Robinson questioned Brexiteer and consultant Alex Deane about Boris defunding the broadcaster. Dane said “we don’t need the BBC” and that “we should get rid of it”

Calvin asked, even though Boris extended the BBC license fee to 2038, does Boris still have the courage to abolish the BBC?

Alex Dane said: “It does make sense if you’ve renewed a charter to let that charter flow for the period that it’s stated to exist for.

“But would a government have the courage to get rid of the BBC? Yes.”

Mr Deane continued saying: “Facing an institution which is as bias as the one we see, I think the government could and should be willing to go that far.”

We all saw the bias from the BBC during the pre and post Brexit period. Mr Dane said: “It’s over cultural issues and topics like Brexit and patriotism and the things we saw over the flag and portrait of The Queen.”

Alex finished by saying, “What was unambiguously clear was that this was an institution that hated Brexit.

“The bias of the BBC really came to true fruition and evidence over something like Brexit, which was not a left-right issue.”

Last week Conservative MP Julian Knight, who’s the Chair of the DCMS Committee, said: “It’s clear that the BBC TV licence fee has a limited shelf life in a digital media landscape.

“Instead of coming up with a workable alternative, it has sealed its own fate through a failure to develop a broadband infrastructure that would allow serious consideration of other means to fund the BBC.”

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1 thought on “Defund The BBC – “We don’t need the BBC” and that “we should get rid of it”. Do you agree?

  1. The bbc news and political shows are so bias I can not watch them with shouting at the tv and the Idiots presenting the show. The bbc know what upsets their viewers and repeatedly stick it down our throats. For example Scotland manly hate the English but the bbc keep showing fishy Sturgeon on the news. WHY?

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