Guy Verhofstadt insinuates the UK is partaking in vaccine nationalism.


In a disgruntled manner to deflect away from the EU’s dier vaccine rollout, top Europhile Guy Verhofstadt presents a graphic on social media showing the number of vaccines that have been exported from different nations from around the world.

The graph was designed to attack the US and the UK, accusing the two nations of vaccine nationalism.

This is not a vaccine nationalism. This graph shows Britain and the US putting their citizens first for those who choose to have the vaccine.

The EU seem to paint itself as some sort of vaccine hero, saving the world by exporting the vaccine. This graph exposes the opposite. If you were in control of the vaccines, which the EU is not, would you let citizens who live in the EU go without while supplying the world with vaccines?

The truth is the EU doesn’t create vaccine; there are private businesses in the EU that have been making and distributing the vaccines to other nations due to vaccine contracts between the vaccine makers and governments.

The Commission is now attempting to stop vaccines from leaving the EU because they have no control over the firms that make them. This will only make vaccine makers reconsider where they place their business in future.

The EU hide that they were late to the party, and their rollout plan has been a shocker, yet they continue to blame others for their downfall.

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Mr Berry

I absolutely LOVE this bloke. The more like him that rant on a load of codwallop, the closer we are to a Frexit, Grexit, Nexit and Qu”it”aly!