Senator Ted Cruise releases footage showing the crisis at the US Border.


With the border being smashed by thousands of illegal immigrants coming across the US border from Mexico, footage has emerged showing how men, women and children are being kept.

This all stopped under Trump, yet the left in the US still kicked off. Biden and his lefty friends haven’t been to the border protesting Biden’s failed border policies. Instead, they have been silent on this crisis.

Under Trump, the left was at the border crying, protesting, falling to their knees in dismay in front of the camera, yet they are silent on this. WHY?

Last week Biden said that he was flattered that illegal immigrants were pouring into the USA because of his words. Last week his administration even went on record saying that any child who crossed the border into the US will not be deported.

The footage we see above has been leaked from inside the DHS facility at Donna, Texas.

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