Boris unleashes his frustration destroying Khan, Starmer and the “WOKE” Labour Party .


Today Boris Johnson stuck it to the “Woke” Labour Party in his opening political pitch to the nation before the May Elections.

Boris didn’t hold back as he expressed his anger through we’ll descriptive words to emphasise the absolute car crash Labour has become.

Boris said: “We face a Labour Party that has done nothing much more during the pandemic than weave like a bunch of wobbly weather vanes backing the Government one week, bashing us the next”

“And spending most of their time wondering which public statues to tear down or whether the Hereward The Wake should be now known as Hereward The Woke.”

Like we’ve always said, we predict a massive collapse in Labours support in the coming election meaning a record amount of seat will be lost for Labour.

What’re your thoughts on this? Will Labour lose big, or will they bounce back?

Have your say in the comments.

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I see the Labour Party has not changed since having Corbyn as the leader. With a new leader, I expected a change for the better, we have not seen it. Keir Starmer need to show what he want the Labour Party to become in the next few years, start making a real difference. Let him tell the labour supporter that they can and will get back to being a party who has policies, to win the next election. I would like him to to be seen to be doing more, and to convince the Labour supporters who left, to vote for a Tory party. Keir Starmer needs to show what he can do, and his vision to be a leader. If he cannot, he might want to consider hi poistion. We have not seem anything to improve labour’s standing since a humiliating defeat in the last election. Time to wake up.