Former Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox destroys EU supporting Plaid Cymru Leader after cheap remarks.

Last night on Question Time, things got a little heated between all parties after the Welsh Labour Health Minister accused the British Government of being partly to blame for the mess of the EU’s vaccine rollout.

On Question Time last night, Vaughan Gething, Welsh Labour Health Minister and Pro EU activist, decided to say the UK is partly to blame for what’s happened regarding the vaccine rollout in the EU.

Vaughan then has a go at the Conservative Government in Westminster, saying the UK hasn’t come out of this with clean hands.

Vaughan said the rhetoric from the UK side has been unhelpful. When the Health Minister was asked to give examples of the rhetoric he’s referring to, he couldn’t provide any.

The Labour Welsh Health Minister then changed his stance from unhelpful words to the Government’s tone.

During this time, the Leader of Plaid Cymru, Adam Price, accused Dominic Raab of saying the EU is acting like a dictatorship and shouldn’t have done that.

Former Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox didn’t hold back and jumped into backing up Raab’s comments saying: “They should stop acting like a dictatorship then.”

This complete mess up is down to the inaction of the EU Commission. Claire Fox is right when she says the EU should stop throwing their weight around, stop threatening companies and “stop acting like a dictatorship.”

What’re your thoughts?

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This coming from the Welsh Labour party,don’t think they realise one of the biggest producers of the vaccine is in Wales..