Clashes in Bristol continue.


It’s all kicking off again in Bristol tonight. Scenes show the Police dressed in riot gear taking no nonsense from the leftie rioters.

Last week anarchists set fire to Bristol Police station and Vehicles with Police officers suffering significant injuries, including broken bones.

This protest is said to be a reaction to the crime and sentencing Bill, which will soon be voted on in Parliament. Protestors said the Bill violates their right to protest peacefully. If anything, the recent protests were anything but peaceful.

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Briann Jones

It’s time the police were given riot sticks and a few heads were cracked. These people are nothing but idiots who think it’s fun to cause as much trouble as possible and are predominantly from the 20-40 year old age group.


Rubber bullets required. Labour have nothing to say on current affairs, so they call their thugs out on the streets, to make their existence felt.