Tory Minister avoids answering questions on how many Channel Migrants have been deported since leaving the EU.

We don’t generally like complementing the left-wing Channel 4 News, but the question asked was a simple question that we all want answers to.

Tory MP, Chris Philp, Immigration Compliance and Justice Minister, was asked, “Have any failed applicants who crossed the channel been sent back since the UK left the EU?”

The Tory minister decided to sidestep the question saying, “we are in the process of speaking to European countries to talk about a replacement system to the Dublin one that we were in until a few weeks ago.”

The Channel 4 news lady fired back, saying, “So is that a no to that question, though?”

To which Mr Philp said, “we publish immigration statistics every quarter”.

On such an easy question to answer, why did he hide the truth behind unpublished stats? Why can’t politicians just tell the truth and own up to any faults we may have had to restore confidence in politics.?

How do you feel? Was Mr Philp right to avoid answering the question? Or would you like a bit of honesty by answering the question and being straight with the public?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Peter Quibell

Mr Philip is a politician even when they tell you their version of the truth they still have their fingers crossed, this is the politest way I can put this


It’s not just about sending them back it’s about stopping them getting here. Start legal proceedings against France and turn back any boats before they get into our waters. You can tell, the destroyer of the British people, the bbc who always use the words “flimsy” boat when describing the illegal immigrants mode of transport. Rubbish they look brand new. It’s a bbc EU conspiracy.

Andrew Wild

This MP and others conveniently forget they are paid employees of the people. Resign forthwith!

Pedro Egbejale

This’s why people no longer have confidence towards politicians. They are worst than lawyers who will tell you, red is black etc. No credibility being a politician. All they need is their personal comfort and to be power drunk.