Nigel Farage exposes Priti Patel’s struggle to fully implement what she has promised.

Today, On TalkRADIO, Mike Graham went on a rant about the state of Britain, saying currently “we are living in a country where you can come here illegally, but it’s illegal to leave”

Mike Graham then passed that question over to Nigel Farage, who said: “It’s a 5,000 pound fine if you leave the country, if go to a Calais to load up your boot with wine and you haven’t gone for a proper business reason, you can be fine. 5,000 quid”

Doesn’t this get to the had fact about where we find ourselves as a country? We have been told we’ll get a £5000 fine if we leave the UK without a good reason, yet if someone crosses the English Channel illegally, currently they can stay in the UK till further notice even if they test positive for Covid.

Nigel Farage continued talking about immigration and exposes what Priti Patel missed in her speech. Nigel said: “We’re still signatories to the European convention on human rights, and all the while we are, that law is superior to our own law. And so it’s literally going to be impossible to start deportations on any serious scale.”

“I’m Priti Patel didn’t even mention that fact once in the house of commons yesterday. But it’s okay. It’s okay because we’re going to get tough. So all the backbencher’s chair, the newspaper editorial, they’ll say, isn’t it wonderful and conservative voters can rest easy in their beds.”

“And we see this again, and again and again, ever since she became home secretary back in my summer of 2019, it’s almost as if the rhetoric of her statements rides in direct proportion to the number of those illegally living in the United.”

We will soon see if Priti Patel is telling the truth about coming down hard on this crisis when summer is in full swing, and the migrant boats continue to cross the channel. Will the boats be turned away? We will soon find out.

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The country is a nightmare of contradictions. Priti Patel is a waste of space as she has promised before, during and after Brexit, that she would stop illegal immigrants come to the UK. What has she done? Nothing.

June Sherburn

So all this means that Boris Johnson LIED to us when he said, WE’LL GET BREXIT DONE THEN WE GET OUR BORDERS BACK. You knew that the EU Human rights Laws is Superior to ours, It must be overturned, we cannot carry on accepting illegal immigrants into our Country, WE ARE NOW FULL, We have NO Spare Houses built, We cannot house any Asylum seekers, Boris as far as my family are concerned you’re Done, We’re done voting for You.