Coming to Britain illegally is the same as arriving legally, according to Labour Shadow Home Secretary.


In an interview with Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds on Sky News, Nick states, “the validity of an asylum claim is not related to the mode of travel into the country.”

Under Labour, this would mean if you come to Britain by crossing the English Channel illegally by boat, you will still be able to seek asylum and stay in the UK at the taxpayer’s expense.

Sky News presenter Adam Boulton asked: “So let’s be clear about this. You think if people who are smuggled into this country, they should have exactly the same rights as people who apply legally from refugee camps or elsewhere.”

The Shadow Home Secretary responded by saying: “Firstly, we have to address the issue of People smuggling and human trafficking, which is an extraordinarily serious crime. That’s the first point, and I absolutely agree with that.”

“The point that I am making, though, is that the validity of an asylum claim is not related to the mode of travel into the country. That is something the Asylum system itself has to determine the reason.”

Nick goes onto the attack. The Shadow Home Secretary labels the Government a failure whilst again presenting no complete plan to address the broken asylum system here in the UK other than, if you can get to Britain regardless of your mode of transport, we, the taxpayer, will foot the cost till your asylum claim is processed.

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