We’re in lockdown, yet our borders are wide open.

With Boris Johnson predicting a third covid wave on its way to Britain’s shores, the wave could well be already here.

Onlookers reported that up to 200 illegal migrants have been picked up in the English Channel and brought to Britain by the UK Border Force.

This is a massive failure from the British government after they continue to state our borders are safe and secure from those who want to enter Britain illegally.

We seem to be told one thing, yet we see the continuous flood of illegal migrants crossing the channel and taxied into Britain at the taxpayer’s expense.

What’re your thoughts on this? 

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Catherine Rosewell

send them back straight away come on Priti do your job


Just a shit government not get my vote let’s hope everyone does the same might give them a wake up some one in government must have the balls to stop all illegal immigrants from crossing


Time to stop this right now. We have had enough of the lies. SEND THEM BACK.