The EU commission hates the fact Brexit Britain has had a successful Vaccination rollout.


With the EU going from one disaster to another, the EU’s jealousy of Britain is stark.

All the threats coming from the Commission around banning vaccines to third countries, including Britain, shows the EU hates that Brexit Britain has made a success of the vaccine rollout. It’s clear the EU is being compared to the UK, and many people in the EU are now questioning why the rollout has been such a disaster on the continent.

This isn’t the first time the EU has failed on a massive scale. If you cast your minds back to the beginning of the crisis when Italy was massively suffering from the covid outbreak, the EU’s solution was not solidarity but to instantly cut them off at the border and stop any PPE crossing into Italy.

Italy eventually had to seek outside help from China and Russia, which was highly embarrassing for the EU. The EU failed then, and they are failing now.

What’re your thoughts on this?