Labour Shadow Defence Secretary states it is a “mistake” to cut the British Army by 10,000.

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Labour MP John Healey, Shadow Defence Secretary, criticises the government saying it’s a “mistake”to cut the British Army by 10,000.

On the Labour Party website, John Healey said: “The decision to cut the army by another 10,000 is a mistake, it could seriously limit our Forces’ capacity simultaneously to deploy overseas, support allies and maintain strong national defences and resilience.

“After cutting nearly 45,000 personnel from the Armed Force over the last decade, this decision will be another blow to our forces, who rightly pride themselves on their history, dedication and skill. It will also cause concern amongst our military allies who rely on Britain’s contribution to collective defence.”

While it is concerning to see our Armed forces being cut, Labour once again leads with criticism without offering an alternative plan. This is becoming common place for Labour and to think that this is our opposition in Parliament is shocking. 

What are your thoughts on the Army being cut by 10,000 personnel? Do you think Labour are a weak opposition? 

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