EU demand insight into the UK’s Northern Ireland border road map in return for leniency.

The EU’s stance on the Irish border has somewhat shifted after Boris Johnson stood firm, refusing to back down to EU demands.

The Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said the EU are open to a flexible arrangement on the Irish border but only if the UK maps out how they will implement their border plan.

The Irishman told RTE: “I think certainly the EU side wants to get a process underway again so that both sides are talking to each other.

“There has been some back and forth this week between the two sides so far, which is good, but I think from an EU perspective, what really they’re asking for now is clarity around a road map, to deliver what has been committed to by the British side.”

Mr Coveney said the EU Commissioner Vice President, Maros Sefcovic, who is now overseeing the implementation of the Brexit deal, would be “open to looking at more flexibility and more pragmatism in terms of some of the difficult elements of the protocol” only if the UK revealed how they would implement their border plan.

It seems the EU is still playing games when it comes to an Irish border solution. It wasn’t long ago the EU was about to throw Ireland and Northern Ireland under the bus with their attempt to trigger article 16.

They continue to give their demands while offering to give a little if Britain reveals its plans for the Northern Ireland border. It makes you think does the EU have any plans of their own.

Should Britain reveal their game plan for the Northern Ireland Border? Leave your comments below. 

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Yasmin Drown



TELL the EU to stick their border up their at**.

Cliff Barker

What right does the EU have to demand anything from a sovereign nation? Is this their idea of good faith?


No,No,No. Anything that is put in writing will be used by the EU scum to beat us with. They have proven their poor management skills and lack of honesty time and time again.


Make the tossers sweat tell them nothing.they always spit their dummy out when they can’t get their own wah


Their new version of diplomacy and negotiating stance shows nil movement from the bluster and threats they have started with. If we remain firm on our position they have no actual power.