PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH – Londoners fight back against three thieves who were sent packing after a failed attempted bike robbery.

With rising crime continuing in the capital and the London mayor Sadiq Khan not clamping down on crime strongly enough in London, people have had enough and are now fighting back against the crime wave.

In this video, you see three bike thieves trying to steal bikes from Victoria Park in London. Onlookers then retaliate against the attempted robbery with one pedestrian trying to apprehend one of the thieves.

One of the thieves then tries to release one of his partners in crime after the public had a grip on him. The finally broke away run away knowing that the angry bystanders have just defeated them. With capital Crime figures going through the roof, do you think Sadiq Khan is doing a good job?

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He is a criminal himself voted in by criminals and immigrants and loony left there is a reason only London voted to stay in the eu

Harry Stewart

Parents must control the people they have brought into this world. When they don’t the police step in then people turn on them. Fundamentally wrong


He is the worst mayor ever and must be sacked.