UNBELIEVABLE – Sturgeon blames the Harassment Committee saying the findings were “baseless assertion, supposition and smear”.


Yesterday Nicola Sturgeon decided to skip her live afternoon Covid briefing after the Harassment committee found Nicola Sturgeon misled the Scottish Parliament.

Last night Sky News revealed more information about the harassment committee report, which concluded that it was “Hard to believe” Sturgeon didn’t know about the adverse claims and wondered why it took Sturgeon so long to inform the Chiefs at the civil service about herself and Salmond meeting.

With this, the Former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said Sturgeon should resign.

Davidson said:  “If Nicola Sturgeon has a shred of integrity, she should be considering her position. She has every opportunity to do the right thing and resign.

“No First Minister is above the fundamental principles of honesty and trust.

“There is no question that Nicola Sturgeon has misled parliament and broken the promises she made, to tell the truth.”

A spokesperson for the Scottish First Minister denied the report. Instead, the SNP blasted the committee, saying the committee’s findings were “baseless assertion, supposition and smear”.

Nicola was only gutted that she didn’t have the majority vote on the committee as five voted against her, and 4 SNP’s representatives voted in favour of Sturgeon.

People hate sore losers, and the more Sturgeon digs in, the more desperate she looks. Not a great image just before an election.