Harriet Harman doesn’t want to see women who went to the vigil last weekend to face fines.


Today in the Independent, a news article reported Labour MP Harriet Harman saying those women who turned up to the vigil over the weekend shouldn’t face any fines for breach of covid rules whatsoever.

Harriet’s reason for saying this was over the lack of clarity “No one can argue there was any certainty on criminal law on this” and that due to this, Harriet continued saying, “Prosecution decisions are independent, but I don’t want to see any woman paying a fine in relation to breaching coronavirus regulations after Clapham.”

If this is the case and there is no legal standing to fine people regardless of their sex, why has Harriet only come out now to say this when many people before this vigil have had to pay fines?

If the claims Harriet states are true, will she fight to get everyone who has paid a fine before this event a refund, or will she only defend those that will benefit her politically?

What are your thoughts on this?