Majority vote finds Sturgeon had misled the Scottish Parliament. Looks like Krankie is on borrowed time.

It doesn’t look good for Sturgeon after the first minister was found by a majority vote to have misled the Scottish Parliament.

The Committee that conducted an enquiry into her Government’s botched handling of the sexual misconduct probe into Alex Salmond voted 5 votes to 4 votes, concluding Sturgeon gave an inaccurate account of what happened during her 8 hour long televised questions session.

The Committee who scrutinised Nicola Sturgeon found the evidence she gave had many contradictions.

The Committee also believed: ‘it was a concern that sturgeon delayed reporting the April 2nd Meeting with Salmond to the civil service yet Sturgeon’s spokesperson said: “The First Minister told the truth to the committee in eight hours of evidence, and stands by that evidence.” 

Is it only a matter of time till this English hating Krankie is out of office?

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