BRILLIANT: Dominic Raab hits back at US Congressman after he questions Britains commitment to the good Friday agreement


Yesterday Dominic Raab took part in an interview with NBC where the interviewer suggested to the US audience it was the UK that was the problem in Northern Ireland for not fully implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Raab hit back at the fake news reporter by saying it was the EU trying to implement a border down the Irish Sea; it’s the EU who is trying to break up the single market with in the United Kingdom.

Shortly after that, a questions and answers session took place where pro-Ireland congressman asked Raab a similar question on why Britain was so half-hearted towards implementing the Northern Ireland protocol as Britain has delayed the protocol’s implementation twice.

Raab hit back, saying: “It is the EU that by trying to erect a barrier down the Irish Sea between Northern Ireland and Great Britain that is challenging the spirit of a Northern Ireland protocol and the Good Friday Agreement.

“I hope that our friends on the Hill on all sides of the house, and both houses, are equally robust in picking up when the EU undermines the agreement.”

“The most overt political threat to the agreement and ultimately the Good Friday agreement has been the politicised way the EU has gone about things.”

“We are still wrestling with the Northern Ireland protocol and trying to make it work.

“We need to make it work in the interest of all the communities.

“All we have ever done is take targeted precautionary measures that are necessary to respect and uphold the integrity of the UK, and in particular the internal market between Northern Ireland and mainland Britain.”

Dominic Raab makes a good point. Why are members of Congress in America not holding the EU’s feet to the fire and holding them to account after they tried to implement article 16, which would’ve jeopardised the Good Friday Agreement?

Why is Britain always in the firing line for Blame when the EU has been open about doing everything and anything to punish Britain for leaving?