Tories call out Labour after they claim rape has been decriminalised in the UK.

In a time when women say they feel vulnerable when walking on the streets, Labours Shadow Solicitor General, Ellie Reeves MP, has added fuel to the fire with a statement of mistruth.

In law, you can’t have a halfway house unless you try to politicise a point using clever wording to misguide others while protecting yourself.

Labour put out a statement on their website declaring to all criminals that rape has been decriminalised after a court ruled in favour of the Crown Prosecution Service against the End Violence Against Women Coalition.

Labour Shadow Solicitor General said: “This is a disappointing result which endorses what is effectively decriminalisation of rape.”

To even announce this with the word “effectively” shows that what is said is untrue, yet they put it out to try and gain political point before an election. This statement gives the impression to criminals that they have a green light to harm women.

If Labour is so for women, then why post this? It’s simple; they’ll jump on any cause as long as they gain political points.

Even the Tories pulled Labour up over this during PMQ’s today.

Here is the link to the complete statement which has since been removed from their page but we saved the link.