SNP MP attempts to silence David Davis from exposing damaging whistleblower evidence.

Late last night David Davis stood in parliament and gave a statement. In that statement, Mr Davis used Parliamentary privilege to speak about a document a whistleblower provided him.

The MP read word for word what the unheard evidence said. Just before David Davis dropped the bombshell, an SNP member tried to silence the Tory MP but completely failed in his efforts with the speaker of the House saying to David Davis, carry on.

The video above shows the full content of the previously unheard evidence which alleges SNP officials interfered in an active investigation with David Davis advising to bring in the Police to investigate.

What’re your thoughts? Do you think that there is a cover up going in Holyrood? 

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Cover up is too simple a term. Criminal, is much closer to the point. Criminal fits better with their approach to how they are going behind the back of the rest of the UK and stabbing us in the back and holding separate deals with the EU. Nothing new, once a rat always rats.