Irish Taoiseach slams the UK PM after Boris refuses to back down to the EU.

If you thought it was bad enough, Mr Martin now decides to take it a step further, saying: “Historically, EU bashing has been a feature of United Kingdom domestic politics.

“I was hoping post-Brexit that that might ease somewhat. The signs are it’s still, to a certain extent, alive and well.

“I think there is now a need to move beyond that frankly.

“Britain has left – it’s a decision I regret.

“Ireland wants to maintain a very strong relationship with the United Kingdom.”

What Mr Martin forgets is the EU have only provisionally signed the treaty that was agreed last December.

Since then, the EU has asked for an extension to when the deal needed to be completed. The deadline extension was down to a technical problem in translating the agreement into different languages.

The EU had already broken its side of the deal when it triggered Article 16 of the agreement to stop Covid vaccines passing into the UK without prior warning to Ireland or Northern Ireland.

It was only after nations started to slam the EU, did the commission back down from the idea, in the end claiming it was a mistake.