The envy of Europe – Business confidence in Britain rockets, “UK service sector growth expectations will be the highest in the world”, EU left behind.

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The EU could only wish to see an increase business confidence after their nonexistent vaccine rollout. Still, here in the UK, due to the vaccine rollout being a success, business confidence has rocketed to an all-time high.

The UK service sector growth expectations will be the highest in the world by a wide margin, with hotels and restaurants being the most optimistic sector.

The latest data from a worldwide business poll conducted by IHS Markit for Consultants Accenture shows 68 percent of British Businesses predict a massive surge in business activity in the coming months.

With only 11 percent expecting business activity to fall dramatically. The overall net balance had shot up from 34 percent to 57 percent, meaning significant growth in Britain is on the horizon.

Accenture consultant Rachel Barton said: “After a tough year it is encouraging to see business confidence bouncing back. Although we are not out of the woods yet, it is important for UK business to take advantage of this confidence in order to build a sustainable recovery.

“Change is a constant factor at the moment, but a positive mindset can be a self-fulfilling prophecy so hopefully companies will follow through on the investment and growth plans we see in this survey to take us through the economic downturn.”