OH, SUITS YOU SIR – Conservative Councillor, suspended after dressing as a woman on social media, then promising to wear it again if a curfew on men was put in place.

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Over recent days a Conservative councillor in Plymouth has been suspended for criticising the Green Party’s Baroness Jenny Jones for suggested that all men be under a 6 pm curfew to make women feel safe.

To make a joke out of such a ludicrous proposal from the Green party peer, Cllr Mark Deacon decide to post a picture of himself in a dress and wig with the caption: “If the Green Party and some Labour Party politicians get their way and impose this ridiculous 6 pm curfew on men, then I’m going to wear my dress more often.”

Since this post was posted, Cllr Mark Deacon has been suspended by the Plymouth Conservative group with an investigation into his actions.

The Conservative Group wrote: “Following a social media post Cllr Mark Deacon made on his Facebook account on Saturday 13th March 2021 which generated lots of differing views being shared about men being subject to a 6 pm curfew.

“The Plymouth Conservative Council Group decided the most appropriate course of action was to suspend Cllr Deacon for an investigation to take place into his actions. This investigation will be in accordance with our Group rules and shall commence as soon as possible.

“Cllr Deacon has removed his post and has made a public apology on his Facebook page for any offence he may have caused.”

The Cllr has a point. As the world accepts all people, why can’t a man dress in a wig and frock and identify as a woman to defeat the ludicrous suggestion that all men should be under a 6 pm curfew by the leftist Green Party member Baroness.

What’re your thoughts? Should the Councillor have been suspended for exposing a possible technical loophole for men if a curfew was to be enacted by the Looney left?

1 thought on “OH, SUITS YOU SIR – Conservative Councillor, suspended after dressing as a woman on social media, then promising to wear it again if a curfew on men was put in place.

  1. Seriously no bloody Green Party or Labour Party loopy activists out of touch with reality are going to tell me I cannot go outside after 6 pm I think 🤔 that’s how hitler started and other and other dictators see no woman 👩 has a say over my freedom to do as I wish the same as I have no right to dictate to women you cannot go out on the streets after 6pm as you may course yourself to be attacked that is how ridiculous this nut jobs proposal really is. You see people like her do such a disservice to other intelligent women get this fact the majority of men are not murderers rapists or sexual attackers and the majority of murders in London are on men. Why is the so called leader the mayor of London saddiqi khanni not doing his job as a so called leader protecting not only women but men on the streets of London and why does that useless clown 🤡 think 🤔 it’s ok for thousands of out of control violent women agitators just like this Green Party plank think 🤔 it’s all ok to gather by the thousands with no masks 😷 in an illegal gathering shows how out of control and failing he is s as the mayor of London. You see the rules apply to all Green Party nut job and useless khanni the rules were broken by violent agitators supposedly there for an illegal peaceful show of support I saw 👀 anything but that. There was mainly police women policing it till rent a mob arrived and angry women started attacking the police so more police had to be called to restore order and ginger women arrested for her part in that outcome. Greens 🥬 and labour shower if shite so far out of touch they should be on another planet 🌍 all on there own 6pm curfew for men so no policemen no firemen no ambulance men no food delivery men no emergency water men no emergency Electrian no AA men no RAC men no green flag men men O the list goes on and on well thought 💭 out this plan if the thickest Green Party women

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