HYPOCRITE – Woke Labour MP, Zarah Sultana rages at the Police for enforcing covid rules which she voted to implement.

Yet again we see the left rallying people against the Police. This leftist woke Labour hypocrite, Zarah Sultana MP criticises the Police for what happened on Friday night yet she voted for the implementation of covid rules in Parliament which the Police have been trying to enforce.

The Hypocrisy from Labour stinks. Why vote for the enforcement of rules only to have a go at the police when they try to enforce them?

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John O'Connor

Why is this idiot even an MP? It’s time we had a full clear-out of these pound shop politicians and recruited them (yes I said *recruited* them) on the basis of knowledge, experience, and superior intellect and not on being ‘elected’. Even the electorate can make juvenile mistakes and elect a whole army of lame ducks. God knows, we’ve got enough of these time wasters already needlessly occupying seats in parliament. My own unknown and unremarkable Labour MP – in office in my town for 23+ years no less – is the worst possible example of this. Throw them all out and start again. We need a group of sensible managers to run this country properly, not display to the whole world that they are just empty-headed elected morons who cannot hold a consistent or logical idea in their heads for more than half a second.


Nothing new there!!!

Senoj Nairb

The quality of Labour MPs continues to fall as more and more youngsters get selected almost straight out of a spell at university being brainwashed and I’m not being sexist when I notice that the most anti UK , and gobby , ones are women but almost all of them have never held down a proper job.