FOOTAGE – Leftists have taken to the streets of London, screaming “No Justice, No Peace, F*** the Police.”

For the third consecutive night, leftist agitators have taken to roaming the streets of London shouting and screaming, goading for a reaction from the authorities.

The footage captures leftist’s shouting, “No Justice, No Peace, F*** the Police”.

Some have continuously used Sarah, who was sadly murdered, as an excuse for cheering on a rent-a-mob mentality on the streets.

Should people protest for women rights? Yes, of course, they should. Should people be on the streets to seek a deliberate confrontation with the Police using Sarahs name as the excuse? No, they shouldn’t.

Again the Police are now having to curtail these protesters, and also, they’ll probably be shown in a bad light while being attacked.

If the politicians are so outraged at the polices response at the vigil, then they should remove the rules that are currently in place. You can’t have rules to be enforced and then blame those who enforce the rules.

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