ANGRY – A listener calls into TalkRADIO and condemns the media for pushing mistruths about last nights vigil.

With the media going against the Police, A listener called Mike from Uxbridge phoned into TalkRADIO and read out a statement from a female police officer who was at the scene last night.

The female police officer states that what happened is very different from what the press tells us.

Mike said: The female officer stated on a social media Facebook group that the event “started with mainly women police officers overlooking a civil vigil. When numbers grew and social distancing ceased, police officers were called in. When police officers tried to crowed control and remove people from stamping on flowers, they refused.”

Mike then hits out at the media for painting the Police in a bad light, saying: “The police officers were clearly pushed onto the flowers, not as your previous correspondent says.”

The TalkRADIO host returned saying it looks awful what the Police did last night with laying down women and knicking them. Is it not bad policing?

The caller said: The Police were there trying to keep order. “People turned up from rent a mob who wanted to cause problems and prejudice reports, and Prejudice reporting like the BBC saying policemen were holding down the woman, when it was policewomen holding down the woman. How about telling the truth?”

The big question is, are Police getting the raw end of the stick when it comes to what happened last night. Labour leader Keir Starmer criticised the Police after the Police followed the Covid rules he passed in Parliament.

Sadiq Khan, who is in charge of the Police in London, also blames the Police when he is in charge of London’s Police, telling them to fully enforce the Covid lockdown rules.

It seems the Police can’t do right from doing wrong.

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It was an illegal gathering, they got what LAW demands. If they did not like it they should have stayed at home. Is this media attack on the police another attempt at defunding the police.


Damned if they do and damned if they don’t. It’s lockdown for everyone and crowds don’t follow social distancing rules! Violent crime against women primarily aren’t danger stranger but very much more, the men that are known by their victims as in domestic abuse cases.

Robert Peck

Without being there I am more inclined to believe that the BBC put the worst possible light on any situation that is at odds with their woke agenda

John OBrien

1) should the individual /s that initially tried to arrange the vigil be charged with inciting public disorder given that the Covid-19 restrictions are still in PLACE. surely a fine of £ 10.000 is in order given its what we charged our rave promoters!
2) why on earth is the mayor of London wanting to spent tax payers money on an unnecessary inquiry.
3) why did the Labour Mp Bellavia Janet Ribeiro-Addy also take part in the incitement /breaking the law passed by parliament
4) why hasn’t the Labour leader not censured said MP. May as well add MP Jess Philips too.
5) what do the media expect the police to do, make a cup of tea and hope all will be OK, no they are law enforcement officers, there to keep the Queens peace and uphold the laws as handed down by parliament.
6) we should support our police commissioner instead of trying to rip her apart for up holding the laws of the land.


Pathetic response from Stamer and Kahn politicising this vile event. Not surprised with the ever lying truth avoiding British left wing press, openly lying and trying to take advantage of this brutal, devastating event. Shame on you. It appears that the desperate Labour chasing scum.

You are using some onezs grief and horror and you feel that jumping onto this band wagon, lying and overstating the facts because of your desperation to get a better rating in the polls


Totally agree with called what about social distanceing? What about the law if following the mob demo there is alarge increase in the covid infection who are the press going to blame?
This is another example of whats wrong with the left looking to cause trouble when the lockdown is over would be the time to have an organised vigil.

Margaret Dixon

I support the police 💯. They are just trying to to do the job we pay them to do it’s about time the the likes of the BBC started telling the truth

Martin Aldis

Fed up with hearing about safety of woman on the streets look at the data latest figures show more than twice as many men are killed on the streets than woman but again this does not fit in with the agenda

Linda Hudson

People for more than a year are still not allowed to visit their sick and dying loved ones because of the pandemic.
But let’s have a mass public vigil.
Let us pray that the number of virus victims does not increase because of this selfish and ill thought out tact


Totally agree with that. Ppl need to look and all the clips and photos, not just the ones that have conveniently been picked out. It was not the time nor place even if they had a valid point. It was about remembering Sarah and having condolences for her family.


Only woke women walk thru parks at nite, expecting unicorns and rainbows.