SHOCKING – Former Europe adviser to Theresa May confirms Mays deal would have been an utter betrayal to the British People.

Theresa May

Former Europe Advisor to Theresa May  Raoul Ruparel has admitted in a podcast with Channel 5 News that the deal Theresa May tried to push to the British people would have meant being tied to the EU politically and economically.

The Channel 5 News presenter said: ‘when you were in Downing Street, you were going for a different formal relationship that the one we have now.”

Raoul Ruparel said: “I think even under that relationship, you know, we would have ended up being closer than this one economically and I guess politically to some extent, but you know even under that there would have been continuous challenges, you know, maybe more challenges are given we would have been more closely tied into the EU economically.”

It’s shocking to find out the Former PM would try and pull an Edward Heath for a second time by keeping the UK locked into the undemocratic EU even though the British people voted to leave the EU.

It just goes to show Theresa Mays saying ‘Brexit means Brexit’ really didn’t mean that under her premiership.

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She was a Traitor then and still is! She should be deselected. She not fit to be called a Conservative.

June Sherburn

Yes I realised May was Betraying the British people, I had a Gut feeling something wasn’t right, And now we have the truth from her Advisers She was Deliberately Betraying her own Country, She should be HUNG as far as I’m concerned, She Committed TREASON against this COUNTRY, I know there are a lot of CORRUPT POLITICIANS in the GOVERNMENT Past and Present, And I HATE that, But THERESA MAY DESERVES TO HANG for what she did if she had managed to get that ROTTEN DEAL this Country would have been Absolutely FINISHED, How could a Politician who Works for the British People’s Welfare in the British government Attempt to Destroy this Wonderful Country and its People, I’m glad I don’t Live near London because I would Love to be able to Speak to Theresa May and tell her Exactly what I think of her. 🤬🤬