Polish MEP doesn’t hold back as he angrily rips into the EU.

Polish MEP

Polish MEP Dominik Tarczyński slams the EU in their parliament over the Polish people rejecting EU directives and sanctions in a stunning video. The Polish MEP didn’t hold back, saying, “The Polish nation has rejected your ideas; the Polish people have rejected your ideas of leftism”.

“To let you know Poland is number one with employment, Poland is number three for management of Women, Poland is the safest place in Europe.”

“So before you judge us before you point at us with your finger, maybe you should think about Sweden and the rapes on women by illegal migrants, maybe you should focus on Germany, which is number one for all this crime coming over with illegal migrants, instead of Poland.”

Could Poland be next to leave the EU with this amount of discontent?

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Poland will find it much easier to leave the EU than we did. As the EU are too busy still kicking us.

colin sydney brockwell

wise and true full words sir

Debbi Ayris

Poland just LEAVE the EU