LABOUR ARE FINISHED – Starmer publicly criticises London police for enforcing the rules he pushed through Parliament.


Starmer has dropped a massive political clanger after he went out of his way to publicly criticise the London police for dispersing an event which the police said went against Covid rules and should not take place.

Starmer took to Twitter to publicly criticise the police for enforcing the Covid rules, which he, along with Boris, both pushed through Parliament.

Starmer said: “The scenes in Clapham this evening are deeply disturbing. Women came together to mourn Sarah Everard  – they should have been able to do so peacefully.”

“I share their anger and upset at how this has been handled. This was not the way to police this protest.”

Not only has Starmer gone against the police, but he is also going against his own London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is in charge of the London Police and who is up for re-election in May.

The videos from the event do show women being pulled from the bandstand where Sarah was last seen. Yet some look like they were agitating the police for a reaction.

Starmer is quite the hypocrite to sign off on the Covid lockdown rules he made and then criticise the police for enforcing them.