EU delay the Brexit deal rubber stamping till future date – They really don’t like Lord Frost

The EU have yet again delayed its signing off on the Brexit agreement that was put together last December.

This comes after the UK unilaterally scrapped the EU red tape in Northern Ireland to allow trade to flow freely between Britain and Northern Ireland.

A Parliament spokesman spoke about the situation, saying: “Recent developments with the UK don’t provide positive signs for us to agree on a date – there is no need to take a decision now.

“There will be other opportunities to meet and decide before the next plenary session in April.”

This deal was signed provisionally just so the agreement could be done before Christmas. Without the agreement being rubber-stamped and signed off by the EU, the agreement doesn’t have full approval, which seems to have given the UK some wriggle room around Northern Ireland.

The EU are not very happy that the UK has taken matters into their own hands even though the deal isn’t signed.

One EU diplomat told the FT: “We had hoped to maintain a trustful partnership,”

“Now it looks like it is going to be a tough and rough relationship for the foreseeable future.”

“Governments are really fed up with the constant provocations. The personality of David Frost certainly doesn’t help.

“If this continues, there will be a response.”

A second diplomat said: “If the UK is not willing to make this relationship work and is seeking to stretch the fabric as much as possible, we might need to resort to other options.

“Hope is fading that the relationship is going to be very successful in short to medium term… the question is how do we prepare ourselves for that.”

Many experts say this deal is a rotten deal for British fisheries and Northern Ireland and should immediately be scrapped.

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Hopefully this quickly becomes what it should have been in the first place – No Deal/ WTO rules.
We’ve bent over (backwards and forwards) for this deal and all the EU seems interested in is making it as difficult as possible, just so they can say to any pro-leave sentiment “Look! Being outside the EU doesn’t work”.
We’ll, they’re wrong. We’re going from strength to strength as our government finally starts to flex it’s muscles.


It appears to be another delay tactic by the EU! Just as dab is that the US are now using this as an excuse to get involved in the problem which they will make twice as bad.

Edward Mcgarry

If the EU haven’t signed off the deal I think we should cancel all agreements and start trading on WTO rules the EU are not going to make a decision they will do what they always do and wait until we get fed up and give in not this time come on Boris we don’t have to trade with the EU