BRUSSELS WORST NIGHTMARE – Lord Frost has his priorities and knows the deal through and through. He won’t back down.

Former Europe Advisor Raoul Ruparel has said Lord Frost is the man for the job to keep the EU’s toes to the fire. When it comes to knowing the deal throughout, Lord Frost is the best person to fight back at the EU if they step out of line.

Mr Ruparel told Channel 5 News: “We talked about the trust, and the experience and the history of this.

“Obviously, having someone who was so closely involved, who negotiated the agreement, means that that history is much more at the forefront.

“You know David will have his own sort of experience and his own views coloured by what has happened over the past year or two.

“So that maybe makes it harder to get distant from that, but equally, he knows that agreement better than anyone else.”

Mr Ruparel continued: “So it means he will be across it and ontop of all the issues.

“I think that’s obviously important for the UK side in keeping continuity and making sure that the approach continues to fit with the approach they took in the negotiation.

“So it is not surprising I think that he has taken on that role, and is going to continue being responsible for it.

“I think obviously he has made clear throughout the past year or two that he has a particular strategy and approach to the EU in the negotiations, and he has a certain set of priorities and so obviously that his going to continue to colour the approach as well and you know the priorities will continue to be sovereignty and making sure we are not tied into the EU in any way.”

Some have said the 20% trade decrease with the EU in January was down to Brexit and will become a permanent feature.

Lord Frost disagrees, saying: “As well as changes to our trading relationship with the EU, we also saw evidence of stockpiling late last year – as the ONS notes.

“This meant less need to move goods in January.

“Covid lockdowns across Europe are bringing reduced demand for goods overall.”

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Keep up the god work Lord Frost!!!