Mike Graham slams Markle saying she’s is a “One woman wrecking ball”.

Mike Graham

With the fallout continuing around the world due to claims of racism from Meghan Markle, Mike Graham doesn’t hold back with his opinion on the situation.

Mike Graham said: “It’s been quite a week so far hasn’t it? Since the airing of that interview on Sunday night in America. The collateral damage is still reverberating around the world.”

“This morning, we’re hearing the queen is already holding peace talks with Harry. The BBC say that they were warned by Megan’s PR to not use any old white men in their words to analyse their performance.

“Piers Morgan’s has full-on his sword of Good Morning Britain, 200 million quids wrote off the Share value of ITV, the boss of the Society of editors also quitting for defending the British media from charges of racism.”

“so far, so good. Eh, Meg’s?

“She’s like a one-woman wrecking ball and all that so she can spread compassion and reveal her true around the world.”

Whichever way you look at this, Meghan has made a mess.

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Rose Bridge

Being sorry for Harry will only go so far.


I will never trust the pair of them again. Back stabbed his only family.


Most revealing part of interview was while MM was lying about backyard wedding, Harry is staring deeply into a chicken’s eyes, wishing he could disappear.