Curfew on men to protect women – Labour Welsh First Minister states it’s an option.

With the devastating murder of Sarah Everard, instead of focusing all our energy on taking down the perpetrator of this murder, the media and the left have jumped on the bandwagon that paints all men as dangerous.

The Labour First Welsh Minister Mark Drakeford has said on the BBC this morning that he would do all he can to make women feel safe, even if that meant a temporary curfew on men.

The BBC presenter asked: “Some people have said sometimes that if there were an area particularly where there were concerns that women were being assaulted or feeling particularly scared, that there should be a curfew on men for a period of time, is that something that you would consider?”

When Pressed on a curfew for men, Labours Mark Drakeford said: “If there were a crisis, and you needed to take dramatic action that allowed that crisis to be drawn down, then, of course, you’d be prepared to consider all measures that would make a difference.”

“But the curfew measure you’ve described, it could only ever be a temporary answer, and therefore it’s not at the top of our list. There are other things we can do and should do.”

“People need to be safe and to feel safe, and that’s absolutely the sort of society we wish to create here in Wales.”

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Has this man got dementure ?


I don’t feel safe in this country anymore and I’m a man


Why not just put all men up against the wall , just in case they might be evil,guilty through gender .starting with Mark drakeford why should he be exempt


Its because all these cronys are in bed at 6pm and have nothing else todo

Wendy Tustin

What a stupid thing to suggest, a Rapist or Murderer are going to be abide to the rules,in fact by doing so would put the lives of woman worst off as a lot of the good men out there would step in to help the victim.

Ex service

If this idiotic idea was ever acted on I would hope that every man in the country would make sure that did go out after 6 pm.