PLEASE SIR, CAN WE HAVE SOME MORE – The Irish attempt the begging bowl option to seek more fishing quota from the EU.

It looks like the EU has Used the Irish to try and get their way on Brexit, but now they no longer have use for them.

During a meeting of the Seafood Sector Taskforce, Charlie McConalogue, The Minister for Agriculture Food and the Marine, has come out with his begging bowl asking the EU commission for a more “equitable solution” on the fishing quota.

The Irish are projecting a massive loss of £37 million on fishing each year under the current quota, which they quite rightly say is unacceptable.

Charlie McConalogue said: “The outcome of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement will lead to a loss of €43m (£37m) per year in fish quotas for our fisheries sector, with knock-on effects on marine support industries and our coastal communities.”

“The quota reductions in some of our most important stocks will be felt immediately by our fishing industry when the full annual EU quotas for 2021 are determined shortly.”

“The impacts for Ireland’s fishing sector are disproportionate compared to the other Member States, and I again call on the Commission and other Member States to find a more equitable solution to the quote transfers to the UK.”

It shows that a fair level playing field on fisheries is unheard of in the EU, yet the EU say they are champions of fairness.

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Launch the gun boats and sink any EU fishing boat that is in UK waters and the Southern Irish government should do the same!

Keith Rolfe

Irish should come out of the EU and join us


My goodness! Is he really that naive as to take the eu’s word that they are the champions of democracy? Like saying that Spain is an established democracy with an independent justice system! Come on man, never mind what the eu says, how about you judge for your self!