SHOCKING CLAIM – Sky News contributor attacks the Royals by bringing up Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein to defend Meghan Markle saying “they are not too bothered about their women.”

This morning, a shocking claim was made to the nation on Sky News by poet and mental health ambassador Charley Cox.

Charley seems to become very loose with her words near the end of the interview by claiming the Royal Family “are not too bothered about their women” even though the Royal Family head is Her Majesty The Queen.

Charlie started by using the “allegations about Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein” to defend Meghan Markle’s claims of having serious mental health problems. Charly never mentioned that Meghan Markle’s husband, Prince Harry, could’ve helped his wife as a mental health ambassador and had access to the best treatment.

Charly Cox’s full shocking statement read: “I think that this generation has also been privy to the allegations about Prince Andrew and the Jeffrey Epstein case and watching the inaction of the royal family considering the elemental health of the alleged victims and the survivors of that.”

“Actually, I think more personally to finish on. I really hope now that this is forward and center, proving that they are not too bothered about their women. Maybe they’ll step up and do something.”

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She can see the grave train coming and wants to be on it with M & H. Another gold digger.

June Sherburn

She really is a silly cow, bringing that Epstein pervert in to the Harry and Meghan row, What has Epstein got to do with Harry and Meghan, Absolutely nothing.

Roger Holmes

Charley who?Is anybody really interested in a nobody’s opinion.

Marie Birkett

Never heard of her and, What a dispicable woman she is a disgrace