SHOCKING – Black Lives Matter Co-founder calls for a mass boycott of the Royal Family in the US

Thanks to the Sussex’s unconfirmed claims of racism against them, it’s given the woke liberals in the US ammunition to label our British monarchy racist. 

The Co-Founder and open Marxist, Opal Tometi, 36, appeared on TMZ Live, saying that people should no longer stand with the Royals or the Monarchy due to Meghan’s claims. 

Opal said: “Meghan and Prince Harry’s admission to Oprah, that at least one member of the monarchy wanted to discriminate against their son Archie because of his skin colour makes it clear the Royal Family places virtually no value on Black lives … and thus, the masses should turn their backs on the Royals like at least one of them did too little Archie.”

“Eliminating racism from the Royal Family with a boycott won’t be so simple … but in any event, folks should start believing Black women when they speak up because Meghan’s surely not the only one dealing with racism.”

The damaging fallout from the unsupported claims continue.  

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There are two sides to every story. So dont start jumping on the band wagon yet. The Royal family have the right to defend these accusations. Why would Both of the Windsors air their dirty washing in public is beyond me. It certainly feels money was involved.

Ex service

I don’t think the Oprah interview was the best idea but I agree with the Sussexes retaliating and defending themselves also although I doubt very much if any member of the said the things reported but I have no doubt that some of their staff did as typical of many civil servants they don’t think they should be told what to do.