Nigel’s next adventure is to tackle cancel culture and the woke agenda. This will ruffle some feathers.

Nigel Farage

Though Nigel Farage said he was stepping down from frontline politics, he most certainly is not finished going after the unjust society we currently face from the left.

Nigel said his focus is now aimed at tackling the woke agenda in schools, colleges and universities. He is also going full steam ahead, slamming the cancel culture that has put fear in society if people dare to think differently from the mainstream agenda.

Nigel said parents need to wake up and understand what the woke agenda is and its aims. We can not go on where people lose their jobs for speaking out and having a differing opinion.

Nigel said that tackling the woke agenda couldn’t be done properly as leader of a mainstream party. Instead, he has gone his way to tackle it without the limitations that come with being a political party leader.

We fully support Nigel Farage’s future endeavours, and we can’t wait to report on his future investigations.

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