Nigel Farage doesn’t hold back as he fights for Queen and Country on US TV, smashing Markles claims of racism.

With Markle claiming the Royal family is somehow racist and no one biting back in the US on behalf of Britain, Nigel Farage put his head above the parapet, wading into the debate fighting for Queen and Country.

Nigel said for Markle to “have set this narrative, that somehow the British royal family are a beastly an awful group of people. Let me tell you this.”

“When it comes to the charge of racism, our queen will have been on the throne for 70 years in a few months time.”

“She and her family have relentlessly dedicated themselves to the Commonwealth of which she is the head.”

“It has within it 2.3 billion human beings, the vast majority of whom are Asian or black people. No family in the world, in history, has done more for people of colour than this queen and the royal family and for Megan Markle to incite racism, I think it’s absolutely disgraceful.”

Nigel didn’t end there. Nigel said: “Markel always intended to use the title of being a princess basically to make tons of millions of dollars in Hollywood.”

With what was said, Nigel absolutely captures the frustration of the British public.

What’re your thoughts on this?

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He is so right

Mrs ramsay

Thankyou Nigel well said I was hoping someone would come out fighting for queen and country


Thank goodness someone has come forward to defend our royal family particularily the Queen.Also find it hard to believe that Piers Morgan had apparently 41000 complaints against his opinion of Megans claims.In his own way he too was defending our monarchy.Would be interesting to analise the “make up” of the complainers.


As ever her is absolutely right. A true patriot, a true Britain.

John Kinasz

Like the old Fairy Tale goes in reverse ” she kissed the prince and turned him into a frog”. Manipulating and most insincere person who couldn’t stand NOT being centre of attention at all times.


I go along with him all the way. My thoughts were, this is a publicity stunt