Mike Graham tells Prince Harry to “Get a life” after whingeing over only having £30 million in the bank.

Mike Graham

During the Mike Graham Show on TalkRADIO, Mike decided to play a previous clip of a statement from Donald Trump during the Presidential race.

Trump was asked what his opinion was on Meghan getting herself involved in the election race calling for people to vote for Biden.

Trump said: “I’m not a fan of hers, and I would say this. I wish a lot of luck to Harry, cause he’s going to need it”

Mike Graham then decided to stick the boot into the couple saying: “Never a truer word spoken there by President Trump.”

“I mean, how is he got himself into this complete and utter mess?.”

“I mean both of them getting close to 40, talking about breaking out and becoming in some way financially independent”

Graham continues: they did “cut me off I had nothing, literally nothing, just the £30 million. I mean really get a life mate.”

It does go to show how this couple really are detached from the poverty that has hit millions of people due to Covid. How anyone can whinge about having £30 million is beyond me.

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June Sherburn

OMG, Harry I’m so sorry to hear you’ve only got £30 Million in the Bank, its utterly terrible you must feel absolutely destitute and practically homeless, I’ve never heard anything so pathetic in my life, You Harry and Meghan have never wanted for anything, You have No idea how the other ordinary people live and you are so out of touch with the British people, I am so shocked and Disappointed in you, and Meghan behaves like a spoiled Child, she too does not realise How much the People of America and the UK Have Suffered during the Pandemic, And the Lockdowns have been Sentences for so Many, and the people who have Lost their Businesses are now asking for help again, HARRY and MEGHAN You really have No Idea.


Harry is just a little poodle, being lead down the garden path by the tail.


She certainly knows how to use her acting skills. Could have been a scene from Dynasty .