Royal Author exposes discrepancies in Meghan’s bombshell allegations against the Royal family.


After last nights bombshell allegations against the Royal Family from the Duchess of Sussex, the reaction has been one of disbelief.

One Royal Author, Robert Hardman, was interviewed on Sky News. Robert did break down some significant discrepancies in what Meghan claimed about the Royal Family.

The reaction to this on our social media page has been one of disbelief and anger. Many who had previously supported the Sussex’s have now said that this interview had overstepped the mark and was uncalled for.

One thing we can’t understand is their claim of wanting less press coverage hence why they moved to the US, and then they dropped a bombshell like this to gain press coverage.

The big question for today is, have the Sussex’s overstepped the mark with what they alleged and left it open-ended with half-answers?