Nigel Farage calls out Prince Harry, saying his actions were “Despicable” for a Royal.

With bombshell allegations made overnight by Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex has stirred up an angry response in Britain. Nigel Farage didn’t hold back with his criticism of the attention-seeking couple after being asked his thoughts while being interviewed on TalkRADIO.

Nigel said: “If she (Markle) is trying, which I think she is, to point the finger of racism at the British Royal Family.”

“I think we should point back to Americans who swallowed that Hook Line and Sinker and say this, for nearly 70 years, the Queen has headed up the Commonwealth, an organisation with 2.3 billion people in it.”

“The vast majority of whom are Asian and black and not just the Queen, but the extended Royal family have done all they can for the Commonwealth.”

“The idea that the Royal Family is racist does not actually stand up to 70 years of loyal and dedicated service.”

“It’s being used to damage the monarchy and whatever I think of Megaman Markel, you know giving the performance of her life as an actress the person I’m really angry with his Prince Harry to betray your family in public like that is nothing short of despicable.”